Bridgeport Trilogy

1984 to 2014. 30 years proud.

Thirty years ago,

the dream of a better tasting beer was born in Portland, Ore. It was the perfect storm – inventive brewers, crystal clear glacial water, barley grown in neighboring cities and most importantly, fresh aroma hops as far as the eyes could see.

We're celebrating three decades of brewing the best way we know how, by brewing three new beers. In September, fans will cast a vote for their favorite and the winning brew will return as a year-long offering in 2015.

Crystal dry-hopped pale ale

This dry-hopped pale showcasing crystal hops is beer #1 in our series – made to honor the hop revolution that ignited the craft brewing movement thirty years ago. Slightly spicy with a soft mouthfeel, Trilogy 1 finishes with a pleasant citrusy dry-hop aroma and flavor.